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Salto Heat Treating offers commercial heat treatment services with top-tier equipment and unmatched service. Cutting-edge equipment allows for higher capabilities, larger projects, quicker set-up time for recurring jobs, and product order charting and traceability. Our custom-built I.Q. line allows a 24 to 48-hour turnaround on most applications.


Salto Heat Treating Limited offers:


Just about all materials can be annealed, annealing is a heat treatment process which alters the microstructure of a material to change its mechanical or electrical properties. Typically, in steels, annealing is used to reduce hardness and help eliminate internal stresses.

Through Hardening

In an atmosphere-controlled furnace, parts are heated to the exact temperature and then quenched in oil, ensuring minimal warping and uniform properties to the parts.

Case Hardening

Offers cost-effective solutions with fast turnaround for surface hardening and improved part or component wear resistance.

  • Resists Wear
  • Increased Toughness
  • Longer Component Life


Also referred to as case hardening, carburizing is a process that produces a carbon gradient extending inward from the surface and a surface which is resistant to wear. This treatment is applied to both low carbon steel, and high alloy steel as well.

Air Hardening

Air hardening occurs in an I.Q. furnace which results in a better finish and appearance on the part, and controls the minimizing of oxide, scale, distortion and decarburization.


Normalizing is an annealing process applied to ferrous alloys to give the material a uniform fine-grained structure, and to avoid excess softening in steel. It involves heating the steel to 70-120°F above its upper critical point, soaking it at that temperature for a period of time.

Stress Relieving

Machining and welding induce stresses that can cause long-term distortions, cracking, and tolerance loss, especially in bigger and more complex parts. Stress relieving benefits large complex weldments, castings with heavy machining, and parts with tight dimensional tolerances. Our car bottom furnace can stress relief weldments up to 6 ft wide x 10 ft deep x 4 ft 3 in high and up to 10,000 lbs. We also offer industrial coating and sandblasting.

  • Width 6 ft
  • Depth 10 ft
  • Height 4 ft 3 in
  • Max. Weight 10,000 lbs

Cutting Services

Our H-32A HYDMECH saw is the largest HYDMECH saw in the region. Featuring a 32 in x 32 in capacity and at 30 ft long, we can straight-cut mild steel, hardened steel up to 60 HRC any thickness, square or round tubing, beams of all kind, angle iron, etc.

Pick-Up and Delivery

We offer pick-up and delivery services of your items at competitive rates, and with on-site methods of transportation, we’re able to rapidly acquire your items and deliver them after project completion.

  • Truck On-Site
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast Delivery

Induction Hardening

While typical scanners can scan up to 3 feet, our equipment can scan up to 7ft, with a 9 1/2″ diameter and up to 1000 lbs. With 24 different diameters of coils in our inventory, we can do just about any job with quick turn around. Our automated scanner takes only minutes rather than hours to set up!

  • Length 7 ft
  • Diameter 9 1/2 in
  • Max. Weight 1000 lbs

Salto MetLab

The Salto MetLab includes Digital and Microstructure Testers. We also offer On-Site Hardness Testing. Salto Heat Treating provides Metallurgical Analysis.


Salto Heat Treating vows to have your job done right the first time and every time. Our detailed traceability process ensures your pieces come out just the way you need them. Here’s how our process works:


Your project is given a unique ID, then each of the expected parameters of the project is uploaded into our state-of-the-art machines.

Heat Treat

Your project enters its treatment process and every step of its journey is logged in our system. Data points for each process are recorded and checked against expected results. This ensures your project is on time and treated to specifications. (This can be viewed in your Customer Portal.)

Record and Complete

The final result of the treatment process is verified, documented and attached to your purchase order. With our detailed traceability, we can deliver repeat jobs with exact results every time.

Salto – The Next Generation of Heat Treating!

With technology constantly evolving, Salto has revolutionized the future of the heat-treating process with our new state of the art equipment and our custom-designed software.

Our team at Salto has over 35 years of experience in the Heat Treating Industry.

Salto provides the best quality of products and services available, to meet our customers demands.

Quality and Service Guaranteed

Salto Heat Treating offers full-treatment services with top-tier equipment and unmatched service. Cutting-edge equipment allows for higher capabilities, larger projects, quicker set-up time for recurring jobs, and product order charting and traceability.

Salto is now a proud member of the following associations and is certified to ISO 9001:2015:

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